About us

We are a team of professionals specialized Enterprise Mobility and eBusiness solutions design which add value to customer organizations. We have in-depth knowledge of industries we are providing services for. Our activity in information technology concentrates business consultancy, design, implementation and support. Our most appreciated talent is speaking the language of our customer. That is to say, in the worlds of retail, logistics, distribution, we understand the language, we speak it and we make the project implementation turn into a natural consequence of deeply understanding the very specific business needs of our customers and knowing how to turn them into results.

We strongly believe in the quality of the services we are providing. The experience accumulated in implementing reference projects in Romanian IT industry gives as the confidence that we know how to “connect the dots” in any organization.

Having a track record of thousands of hours of consulting and development in specific business areas, from portals and communications platforms, supply chain management solutions, field service, workforce management & planning, production traceability, post & parcel software, by means of latest auto-identification technologies and several R&D projects (such as PLATES, SMSIoT).

We deliver one-stop-shop solutions, by providing the entire solution, from business consulting through hardware installation to software application development and/or implementation.